Functional Home for Flood Resistant House

By | December 28, 2016

What if suddenly floods hit home and you have not had time to prepare. The solution to that is to make flood resistant houses. Hind home located in Wargrave, Berkshire, England, is an example of how a home can withstand the possibility of a coming flood periodically. Over an area of ??242 square meters, the John Pardey Architects successfully made the flood resistant houses called home Hind. In fact, after completing this project, John Pardey Architects has also won an award at the RIBA Awards 2009 from the Royal Institute of British Architects for his work.

Before refurbished by the team of John Pardey Architects, the house is home to the 1970′s and it looks normal. Homeowners who began to move into the house since 2005, decided to rebuild their homes. They want a system that is more efficient, lower cost, and able to withstand extreme natural conditions. Unfortunately, their new home on the banks of the river were often subject to flooding. cheap oakleys The architects involved in the project said in its official website that for the house on the side of the River Loddon, near Wargrave, ray ban sunglasses they create the concept, based on three elements, namely the living Cheap Oakleys room, bedroom and guest rooms to create wings that adopt a form of windmills, standing nfl jerseys cheap on poles to deal with Inoportunos periodic flooding from the river.

In a meeting of members of a team of architects and homeowners, both parties decided to divide the house into three zones, namely a family room or living space is open, the living room or gym area, and bedroom area. These three elements are Fake Ray Bans then the basis for the making of “wings” that adopts the mill. The entire construction of the house is lifted from the ground with the help of the pillars. This strategy is a way to adapt to the flood-prone environment. Every flood season, this home will be submerged by more than one meter. If you’re dry, the part under the house into the parking lot. Part is located in one of the central elements of this house. Construction elements are long, a “wing” area open to the family and is an area filled with cedar lining. Some side covered with large windows as high as the wall.

Other space is a cube-shaped bedroom. Just like the family room, the room is also filled with a layer of cedar wood in the interior. In addition, this house also has a steel frame, with wooden beams covered with cedar wood and zinc, and aluminum framed windows and single ply roofing. Not only look beautiful, this house also has a high-tech as it has a computerized system to control heating, lighting, sunlight control, and audio-visual installations. Walls, floors, and roofs are very isolated to create an efficient home. What do you think of this flood resistant homes. but can survive from flooding the house also has a fully equipped indoor facilities is not it?

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